Samsung to reveal curved screen phone

Samsung to reveal curved screen phone

Korean tech firm Samsung is expected to unveil its first smartphone with a curved glass display at a tech event in South Korea next month.

The company’s strategic marketing head, D. J. Lee, confirmed with Reuters that the hardware manufacturer is going to make the announcement in October.

As nothing specific was revealed, it remains unclear as to whether or not the smartphone will get an international release.

Writing in the Inquirer, one analyst pointed out that if the new model is anything like the prototype displayed at the CES event earlier this year, it will bear a subtle curve like Samsung’s OLED television screens.

This idea is said to fall in line with a number of patents Samsung has applied for, in which the firm describes shatter-proof screens designed to fit more comfortably into the palm of a hand.

Rumours have also suggested that the curved smartphone will be based on the Galaxy Note 3 model.

If this is the case, Samsung’s first curved handset is expected to bear a ‘phablet’ sized display, which is a mobile with a screen between five and seven inches long. It could also have 3GB in RAM, a quad-core processor, the Jelly Bean Android operating system and a 13-megapixel camera.

As with other systems, users of the new model will likely be able to use a stylus to scroll through their Facebook newsfeeds, write emails and browse the web, but some analysts are unsure how this will work, given the curved display.

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