Samsung introduces new free music streaming service

Samsung introduces new free music streaming service

Electronics company Samsung has launched a new music streaming service called Milk Music.

The app is currently free to download from the Google Play store and contains approximately 13 million songs, and has access to over 200 radio stations. However, it is currently only available in the US, and is exclusively compatible with the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets.

The music streaming market has been identified by news providers and many companies as an area with huge potential for growth, but should businesses wish to enter this already crowded market, they would face stiff competition from already established firms such as Spotify and iTunes Radio.

Despite this, the South Korean enterprise is confident it can attract users and compete in the industry, and has said that there will be no adverts interrupting users from enjoying music. However, this may only be for a limited amount of time, as highlighted in the app’s description, with no indication of when adverts will be brought in.

Milk Music will compete with the likes of last.fm and Pandora by allowing users to skip ads a limited number of times. There will also be a bookmark feature, allowing users to mark their favourite songs and radio stations.

Daren Tsui, Vice President of Music at Samsung, has said:

“We feel that while the music space is very competitive there is room for improvement.”

The firm has previously ventured into this market with its own service, called Music Hub, in 2012, but it was recently shut down.

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