Run the London Marathon… on Google Street View

Run the London Marathon… on Google Street View

This Sunday sees the London Marathon being held in the capital, and thanks to unpronounceable Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, many of the top athletes from around the world who were hoping to take part are having more difficulties reaching the starting line, than the finishing line.

As ever, Google has weighed in with a solution offering people the chance to run the London Marathon from the comfort of their armchairs, beds, sofas or wherever else they may be relaxing – anything is better than painfully plodding the streets of London. With the below video you’re able to follow the London Marathon course, courtesy of Google Street View, and in a world record 4 minutes 27 seconds.

With a time like that, it doesn’t matter if the organisers successfully fly in the runners that are stuck in Africa by private jet or not – they won’t stand a chance.

The current London Marathon champion, Sammy Wanjiru, is one of the runners who was grounded in Africa due to the volcanic ash overhead. He should now make the starting line for Sunday’s race, along with the world champion Abel Kirui, where temperatures are expected to reach a toasty 20 degrees.


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