ROI for Facebook ads revealed by new study

    Posted on June 28, 2011


    A new study carried out by Experian Hitwise has revealed that businesses are likely to receive 20 more visits from each fan over a 12 month period when they advertise on Facebook. The research has provided many business owners with a figure for Return On Investment (ROI) when using Facebook ads.

    According to Robin Goad, research director for Hitwise UK, the extra visits made by each fan that a business has, will generate more sales both on and offline. The study was carried out using the top hundred retailers from the Shopping and Classifieds category of Hitwise and compared the number of website visits with the number of fans from Facebook. The company also studied the likelihood of people searching for the same brands when they had used Facebook.

    Most of the companies which are using Facebook for marketing purposes are in the fashion industry. Research carried out discovered that fans were more than 50 percent likely to search for those brands following Facebook use than when using the main search engines. Approximately 62,000 visits to retailers are generated by Facebook, whether users are fans of the company or not. The study was carried out based on United Kingdom consumers, but figures for overseas destinations are likely to be much the same.

    The research shows that social media plays an important role in search engine optimisation, increasing ROI for businesses. Whether a business is based in the North of the country or down in Liverpool, social media should be an integral part of your SEO campaign.

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