Responsive emails are now a reality thanks to Zurb

    Posted on November 15, 2013


    Email has always lagged behind when it comes to markup. The restrictions on code, styling and content have always been difficult obstacles to overcome when creating an email template for businesses to contact customers.

    The arrival of the new responsive age has meant that websites and emails are accessed on a number of different devices and screen sizes. This has brought with it the new challenge for business owners – making their emails, newsletters and adverts render nicely across all computers and handsets.

    A solution has, however, been offered by design company Zurb – it recently released a responsive email framework called Ink. Using a familiar grid system concept, the tool’s templates provide a responsive base for email and will stack and resize depending on the device which is being used.

    This is a huge step for email marketing as it will help companies move away from creating messages specifically catered to either outlook or mobile. The designer will be free to create something knowing the responsive behaviour they get from a website using the grid system will be also be found in their email templates.

    It would be beneficial to see services email marketing specialists adopt this service and integrate it into their own offerings. This would be a great way for firms like MailChimp to provide their clients with responsive layouts to be used in their campaigns.

    While email is still a long way off in terms of matching the adaptability of websites and apps, services like Zurb will certainly help in its attempts to catch up.

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