Research suggests night time news feeds deliver

Research suggests night time news feeds deliver

A recent study in the US has suggested that news feed providers that update their feeds in the evening and late at night could be on to a winner. Whilst the analysis from Experian CheetahMail only looked at trends in North America, it is reasonable to suppose they are replicated this side of the Atlantic.

Looking at the last quarter of 2012, the study found that content sent between 8:00 pm and 12:00 am was more likely to be read. Indeed, the figures showed that not only were people more likely to read the twilight content, but were more likely to act on it.

The data showed that there were higher clickthrough rates and higher volumes of completed transactions. Further still, orders were significantly larger and produced greater revenue pro-rata.

The study also showed that even content being produced earlier in the day was likely to be read more attentively at night.

It seems that as much as we all like to distract ourselves at work, when it comes down to it, work will take precedence over other online activities. No shock there, but the news could produce a few turnarounds across the UK.

Presently, content tends to be updated through the day. Whilst updating feeds and blogs this way is not likely to be wasted, it could be less optimised than it could be.

For firms looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to change turn their fortunes around, updating later and for longer, and perhaps in real time, could certainly be worth a punt.

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