Research shows that people are irritated by poor spelling

Research shows that people are irritated by poor spelling

A poll carried out by the English Spelling Society has revealed that the majority of people are irritated by words which are spelt incorrectly, even in less formal circumstances. In a world with abbreviations being commonly used when texting on mobile phones, or instant messaging, the spelling society would like to see a relaxation of the rules. Irregular spelling is believed to be a contribution to the high level of illiteracy in the United Kingdom. Languages such as Italian, which is phonetic, don’t pose the same problems, with dyslexia not being recognised. Critics raise concerns that phonetic spelling methods could cause discrepancies among regions, with areas such as Newcastle and Bristol spelling differently.

A business website is created to offer interesting information which people are looking for. If the majority of people are put off by poor spelling and grammar, the website will lose visitors and business will suffer. Content outsourcing is a cost effective solution, as a reputable company will employ writers who have English as their first language. For anyone who isn’t English, the spellings are complicated with different meanings for each spelling. This can translate badly on a website, distorting the meaning of text.

Running a business, especially in the early days, is time consuming with many tasks to deal with. Search engine optimisation requires regular submission of fresh original content in order to achieve high traffic levels for your website. A UK copywriting company will produce regular content which is grammatically perfect, with no spelling errors, keeping website visitors happy.

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