Research proves that a poor website could ruin business

Posted on April 8, 2011


According to research carried out by a leading web hosting company, 46 percent of the 1,800 adults in the United Kingdom who took part in the survey would not make a purchase with a company if their website was poor. The results of the research show that many consumers consider that the websites of small businesses are generally unattractive, containing spelling and grammatical errors. Just under half of the people surveyed believed that a poor website was worse than having no website at all, with 37 percent of consumers preferring to trade with a competitor.

A third of consumers are happy to provide feedback to website owners, although half the businesses approached in a further survey had never considered asking consumers for their experiences. These figures are surprising, especially as most companies now consider an online presence an important part of their marketing strategy. Over half of the business owners surveyed admitted that their website had problems, with 38 percent citing the creation of fresh, original content as a problem.

As online trading continues to increase, it is crucial for companies to create a website which contains accurate, fresh content. Content outsourcing to a copywriting agency provides an opportunity for you to update your website, creating a new image which builds your online reputation. A professional Search Engine Optimisation writer will provide original content on a regular basis, increasing recognition with consumers and search engines. An attractive website which is easy to navigate, containing accurate and well-presented copy will build levels of customer satisfaction and, therefore, business.

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