Research And SEO

Posted on August 10, 2008


Search engines are changing all the time, and it is important for that anyone practicing SEO keeps on top of these changes.  For some this is seen as a necessary evil, something they have to do so that their SEO methods do not become outdated.  Changes only happen when they have to, not to improve their SEO.  For others, it is the opposite – they see it as the best part of SEO, as a game where they are trying to keep on top of the changes that the search engines are making.

At Stuck On, we are definitely of the second persuasion.  We love the research aspect of SEO, and we are good at it.  I think that it can separate the good SEO companies from the excellent ones.  If your SEO company aren’t updating and changing things on your site every now and then and adding new content, then how can you expect to compete with sites that are?

You can’t.

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