Relate popular culture to your industry for extra link bait

Relate popular culture to your industry for extra link bait

Sometimes writing about your industry in the same dry manner isn’t enough to increase your links, traffic and rankings. If your industry is particularly dry then you’ll need to inject some variety into your content in order to spice it up and attract some links.

One way to do this is to use pop culture references within your articles. For example, if your business is about window cleaning, and writing about the right and wrong way to clean windows has become a little tired, you could use topical references in your articles such as ‘Katie and Peter’s guide to cleaning windows’. You could write the article with genuine advice, but fill it with references to the celebrity couple and the odd things they’d do if they were running a window cleaning business.

This works because the content is funny, it’s topical, it’s interesting to readers who want to read about the pop culture references and above all else, the article contains useful, factual information.

That’s the key to it; while your articles can be funny and slight irreverent, they’re still accurate for your industry and the advice they offer is sound.

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