Registrations for .uk domain names hits ten million

Posted on April 2, 2012


Nominet, the registration service for domain names ending in .uk, has announced that ten million web addresses now end in the top-level domain name.

The company responsible for the milestone event has been named as SN Technologies, which registered in early March, ahead of an apparent photography magazine launch later in 2012.

It represents a huge success story for Nominet, who took over the registration of. uk addresses sixteen years ago. Back then, in 1996, there were just 26,000 such sites in existence.

Over the last couple of years, the rate of registrations has been growing by 10%, which demonstrates just how healthy the internet is for UK businesses.

Many businesses register their first domain name with a .uk address, believing it gives them a certain credence and gravitas with their customers.

Furthermore, figures show that 70% of business renew after the initial two year expiration.

This makes it the second most popular country code (to Germany’s .de which enjoys 15 million registrations). With the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (Icann) dramatically increasing top-level domains this year however, demand could slacken off.

The man responsible for the ten millionth registration, Steve Northam, said he was surprised by the publicity the news had generated. He went on to say that he could not add “too much” more either, as the venture has not yet gone public.

It is likely this will not prevent many speculative online content writers looking for a new SEO job registering their interest however.

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