Redirect your pages like you would redirect your mail

Redirect your pages like you would redirect your mail

One of the basic SEO mistakes people make is to build their website, SEO their pages, add their content and start to see some improvement in their rankings, only to begin deleting and renaming pages.

Many people don’t realise the negative impact that simply removing or renaming pages on their website will have. The fact is, if you spend time performing SEO on your site so that your internal pages rank within Google, so that users find your pages and so that other sites link to your pages, those pages become vital. To then delete them or rename is to undo all of the work you have performed. You will lose your rankings, and you will be wasting any traffic that comes your way.

It’s the same as spending years building up a name for your business so that customers know your company name, your address and your phone number, distributing leaflets and business cards, and then moving and changing your number without redirecting it.

Anyone who tries to contact you finds a dead phone line, and the mail just falls into a black hole. You wouldn’t do that in the real world, so don’t do it online. If you HAVE to rename pages, make sure you redirect the old ones so that users will find what they’re looking for.

The best option though is don’t do it!

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