Recycling old material is good for the environment and your website

Posted on July 6, 2009


They say recycling is good for the environment, well it’s also good for your website in terms of recycling your content. The more you write about the same subject, even if it’s just from a slightly different angle, the more Google will come to regard your website as an authority on that subject.

You may think this is impossible, especially if your website is about something very niche, very specific. It can be done however, even on the most technical, small, or dry of subjects. There are always new angles that you can find, new approaches and new ways of covering the same information. Remember to link your new posts back to older posts of the same subject, using your important key phrases as the anchor text. The more you cover a subject, the more Google has to index on that topic.

The results of course are in the rankings and the traffic, and by writing about your industry over and over again, using unique content, you’ll see those results come in, which is great for your website.

It doesn’t do the environment any harm either!

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