Quantity and quality are linked

Quantity and quality are linked

It is often said that writing on the Web should not extend beyond a certain number of words. Yet, most people have probably read articles that drew them in and captured their attention while carrying on at length. When writing is like that, one does not want to reach the end too quickly. In fact, if the piece stops short, perhaps because one is then invited to pay in order to read more, there can be a feeling of disappointment.

Clearly, there is more to successful article writing than mere quantity. As well as holding interesting content, a web page might be cunningly designed in order to facilitate reading. A long piece of prose can be broken up meaningfully, which also serves those who prefer to scan the whole text before deciding whether to settle down and read in depth. ‘Scanning’ is often referred to as the method most people use to take in web content, and writers are encouraged to write in small, easily-digestible ‘chunks’ in order to cater for this, but it is vital to remember that there is also a place for longer, more satisfying pieces.

Let the type of content dictate the optimum quantity of words to be used. Depending on the intended audience and a text’s purpose, content could be any length as long as it works. Some SEO copywriters might fear the effects of increasing word counts but the greatest turn-off for readers is boring writing. If the priority is to engage the reader, it makes sense to consider hiring professionals.

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