Putting all your web strategy eggs in one basket?

Putting all your web strategy eggs in one basket?

This old saying, about not putting all your eggs into one basket may seem like a cliché but it is true for business. When it comes to internet rankings for your website think beyond the mighty Google and nurture your rankings on Bing and Yahoo as well.

There is no mystery to finding your website ranking on any of these major search engines; it’s a matter of typing in some of your keywords and seeing where you feature on the list. Hopefully, the website will display on the first page as not many potential customers have the patience to look through more than this. The most common search engine used is Google, with Yahoo and Bing picking up the next two slices of the pie. According to internet marketing analysis company Comscore, Google holds 62.9% of search engine traffic, Yahoo 18.9% and Bing 12.7%. Bing’s search traffic grew by 77% last year. This may be due to the fact that Bing is now Facebook’s global search engine, reaching out to potentially 400 million people. A canny business person will make sure that their company’s website features in the top rankings of the big three search engines.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) provided by professional SEO writers is what your website needs to improve its ranking. This will optimise your website content and provide fresh, relevant content so that as many high quality websites as possible link to your site. If you outsource content writing to a reputable article writing service that specialises in employing UK copywriters and combine this with other SEO practices, then you will enhance your internet presence year on year.

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