Pupils to lose marks for poor grammar in exams

Pupils to lose marks for poor grammar in exams

In a bid to improve literacy standards, education secretary Michael Gove, has declared that students will lose up to five percent of their marks as a result of poor grammar and spelling standards. This follows claims that students are leaving school unable to correctly structure a sentence or spell correctly, especially in letters and emails. In 2003 the Labour government decided that students would not be penalised for use of poor grammar, as the quality of the content was more important.

The Marks & Spencer chairman, Sir Stuart Rose, is just one of the business leaders who have observed that many youngsters leave school without the grammatical skills required for work. Mr Gove agrees with this view, adding that many of the brightest pupils leave school with qualifications, but unable to spell correctly or write a letter clearly and accurately. Examiners display caution with regard to the moves, as pupils may have the correct use of English grammar but have poor content in their answers.

The accuracy of the grammar and spelling in a piece of written work is just as important as the content. If web copy is set out poorly, littered with spelling errors and incorrect use of the English language, the meaning may be distorted as well as being much more difficult to read. Content outsourcing to a professional writer will ensure that all work is well written, with a clear meaning for visitors to your website. To encourage people to read about your business, clear and accurate writing is essential.

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