Psychology, content writing and SEO

Psychology, content writing and SEO

Content writers often need to use elements of psychology in their work, with each area within a website requiring a slightly different approach in order to meet visitors’ needs. For example, writing for the site’s home page could be viewed as essential in order to persuade visitors to enter in the first place, while the content on other pages should be carefully executed so that it provides what web users are expecting after navigation has, hopefully smoothly, guided them there.

Sometimes a home page does not contain too much content, but what is there is crucial to hold visitors’ attention and entice them further into the website. Writers have to be skilful in order to ensure that this page brings the desired traffic to the site instead of causing the target audience to click away in search of something more attractive, or seemingly more appropriate.

Once visitors are inside the website, the psychology is a bit different, with content writers having to work to provide the information, entertainment, or opportunities to buy, that are anticipated by their readers. If content is vague, scanty, baffling, or missing altogether, frustrated visitors will probably head for the nearest exit.

All of the writing on a website also needs to fit the branding of a company, particularly if that is distinctive, in order to avoid striking a jarring note which is at odds with what the business represents. Getting the balance right is essential for SEO, and it is often worth using experienced UK copywriters to ensure success.

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