Pro writers prevent the apostrophe catastrophe

Pro writers prevent the apostrophe catastrophe

A new grammar and spelling test has arrived in English primary schools. It is thought by many to be a response to a perceived drop in standards among young people.

However, the use of correct grammar is not limited to education, with many adults getting infuriated when friends, colleagues and others make simple mistakes. Online too, despite the prevalence of netspeak, poor linguistics can have a devastating effect.

Dating site OKCupid recently studied 500,000 first contacts of its members, and claimed that many of its users see bad grammar, bad spelling and netspeak as big turn-offs.

The study revealed that the use of terms such as ‘cant’, ‘r’, ‘u’, ‘ur’ and ‘ya’ were all likely to put a dampener on a burgeoning affair. Perhaps more surprisingly, the use of “luv” was also likely to irk.

The poster boy for grammarians though, the comma, was seen as somewhat of an attractant, when used correctly.

The correct use of grammar is also essential for companies. Only recently Transport for London was targeted in the Bad Grammar Awards for mixing up gerund and infinitive with its strapline:

“It is safer to stay on the train than attempting to get off”

Online too, badly written and constructed content and news feeds can repel visitors. Ahead of anything else, grammatical mistakes and spelling errors simply serve to cheapen a firm’s standing.

It is for this reason that using the services of a professional SEO copywriting service makes perfect sense.

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