Prioritising your website’s blog

Posted on June 24, 2008


Be honest, if you had to write on your own company website everyday how much of a priority would it be to you? Would you put off phoning a client to write an article about how your service benefits customers, or hold off sending out an invoice to write about a news item that relates to your business?

Most people would say no, of course not. The process of doing business, running your own company and servicing your customers comes before writing your blog, writing on your website. It’s only natural, but that’s where many companies fail to make the step up to the next level.

If you see writing on your website, updating it on a daily basis, as something that can be put off, ignored, neglected, then you’re website will never reach the heights it could. You’ll never get the rankings you want, you’ll never get the traffic you want and you’ll never get the custom from your website that will see you move up a gear in business.

Your website is just as important as any other aspect to your daily routine. If you neglect it in favour of something else, you’ll pay the price. If you believe that you just won’t be able to spare the time to update your website everyday then you’ll need to find a provider for the content, someone who understands the importance of daily updates to a website and how Google prefers to see content.

It’s up to you, how big do you want to get?

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