Prince unveils Princestagram after year’s absence

    Posted on October 27, 2015


    Rock star Prince, the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, has launched a new Instagram account following a twelve month absence from all social media.

    The Purple One now has a verified account on the photo-sharing platform, going by the moniker Princestagram.

    The rock star, whose full name is Prince Roger Nelson, has a famously turbulent relationship with the internet, making this move all the more surprising. He disappeared without trace from social media in November of last year without reason, but many online commentators have speculated that this was an attempt to retain the control of his public property. He notably filed a $22m (£14.3m) lawsuit against fans who he accused of torrenting his music, and removed all of his works from online streaming services in July of this year, with the exception of rapper Jay Z’s service, Tidal.

    So far, the 57-year-old has shared snippets of his tunes, press clippings and archival photos from his four-decade long career. He’s shown that he isn’t averse to sharing new content too; one picture shows him with his hand on a poster of himself with the title TOUCHIN MY FACE, and another depicts him face down on the floor, surrounded by candy, with the caption CHOCOLATE OVERDOSE.

    There’s also video footage of his computer. As one may expect, his desktop wallpaper is a picture of himself, and it’s accompanied by some funky guitar playing.

    Whether Princestagram will be a regular source of content for fans of the star remains to be seen, but given his past form with social media, they shouldn’t get their hopes up.

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