Pride and Prejudice of English grammar

Pride and Prejudice of English grammar

A recent study carried out by Kathryn Sutherland, an English professor at Oxford University, has revealed that Jane Austen, famous author of Pride and Prejudice, relied heavily on her editor to help improve her grammar.

The professor studied in excess of a thousand pages, all handwritten, of unpublished works that revealed many grammatical mistakes. Jane Austen had a reputation for perfection, which was reflected in her writing, with six novels published. However, her unpublished workings show a different story, with many errors and many of the grammatical rules broken. The books of Austen have been read by many generations of children and adults alike, with a genuine love for her work. It seems that Austen had her editor to thank for her success, as a book with spelling and grammatical errors would not be easy to read, conveying a picture dramatically different to the poise and precision we are used to from the author.

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