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    Most companies are aware that their websites need content, but how is that content being distributed? The Internet has a hunger for information, and a website news feed is the ideal way to provide it.

    Website news feeds provide a rich source of content which can be optimised to suit the needs of the site. By using a website news feed, companies can provide their sites with the fresh content needed to keep the search engines happy, and provide their site users with interesting and relevant articles that keep them coming back for more.

    How news feeds work for SEO

    Content is central to the success of any search engine optimisation plan, and for most sites, it’s a daily requirement. By publishing one or several pieces of content each day, site owners lure search engines back to their sites, causing an update in the index and helping to move their rankings along. Good content is what the search engines crave, and they like it fresh. What better way to provide it than with news?

    A news feed is the ideal way to provide news on a website. It introduces new content in an unobtrusive way, making sure that the site’s pages meet the freshness requirements of search. When the news feed is provided by an SEO company, the content is tailored to the site’s optimisation plan, meaning that keywords are put directly in the path of search engine spiders each and every day.

    News for every industry

    A lot of companies shy away from news content because they feel it’s just not relevant to what they do. They couldn’t be more wrong.

    There’s all kinds of news in every industry. From industry events to interesting developments, the goings on within an industry are absolutely newsworthy. An expert SEO writer can take these events and craft content that fits in with the website, meaning that site users get new information to read every day and the search engines get the relevant content they’re looking for.

    Rely on the experts

    News content is much like other types of content needed for a site – despite its slightly different format, it fits into the same category as blog content, articles, news releases and website copywriting. In other words, it takes skill to craft good news.

    This is why so many businesses turn to experts for their website news feeds. By sourcing news content from a professional, companies can rely on great content in their website news feeds with no fuss.

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