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    With so much new content floating around, it’s a shame that many businesses don’t make the most of it. Fresh content is the watchword of today’s SEO, and every site needs it to succeed. Many site owners are left regretting not putting that content to multiple uses. If only they’d considered adding the humble but handy RSS news feed to their plan.

    The ins and outs of RSS news feeds

    RSS news feeds are a data format that allow for the distribution of content. They can help interested users stay informed of a site’s changing content, and help businesses distribute important information when needed.

    The acronym stands for ‘rich site summary’, and that’s essentially what the feed does. News content from the site is summarised and sent out to subscribers. Interested site visitors can subscribe to the feed, allowing them to access updated information without having to return to the site first.

    More than just business benefits

    Something that can easily be overlooked in a content plan is customer satisfaction. Most businesses are so pressured to provide enough content for their SEO plan that they forget who will be reading that content. By using an RSS news feed, on the other hand, businesses are ensuring that their target markets are satisfied.

    RSS news feeds have become popular with Internet users because they allow regular contact with favourite businesses and websites, but without the chore of actually having to visit the site itself.

    How an RSS news feed can help any marketing plan

    The benefit of all this to a business is the attention and loyalty that these kinds of contacts foster. Much like a regular newsletter can make a customer feel like they’re keeping track of how their favourite business is going, an RSS news feed puts company news into the hands of clients. The difference is that RSS feeds are even more accessible. By providing customers with a way to stay in touch with the business even when away from its website, businesses are helping to enrich their customer relationships.

    RSS news feeds are an excellent way to distribute content, and therefore a great addition to any SEO content plan. Of course, for the feed to contribute to a site’s SEO, the right type of content needs to be fed to the news feed. It’s important to discuss RSS news feed plans with the SEO experts involved, and ensure that the news content being published has been optimised.

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