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    Getting content on website pages is much easier said than done. No-one really has the time to spare to write up fresh content, particularly when it comes to maintaining a site’s news pages. News providers are the obvious and, often most reliable, answer.

    What a news provider can do

    Many sites are now using RSS or news feeds to help engage their audiences and attract the search engines. News feeds are a great way to keep a site up to date and satisfy the ‘query deserves freshness’ aspect of SEO, but they can be difficult to maintain in terms of content. Even when a business owner has a handle on picking the juiciest news items from around their industry, the time required to put them into a feed is often just not there.

    Enter news providers. A news provider takes most of the work out of a news feed by providing content and updates. Much like sourcing blog content from an SEO copy writer, using a news provider ensures that a site has enough content to satisfy requirements without the owner having to take time out of their busy schedule.

    Using a news provider – the smart move

    The vast majority of sites featuring news feeds use news providers. Businesses have been turning to news providers in their thousands because, quite simply, providing news for a site is hard work. When a news provider gets involved, that work vanishes, leaving nothing but the benefits.

    Not every provider is the right provider for any specific site. There are a number of news providers offering services around the Internet, and it’s important for businesses to research and review before choosing.

    News provider skills

    No business owner would hire a contractor without being sure that they had the skills needed for the job, and the same thing should apply to the contracting of news providers. A news provider can play a big part in a site’s online content plan, so it’s important to review exactly what they can and should be doing.

    First and foremost is the quality of content being provided. As any SEO expert can report, good content is the backbone of Internet success. Content needs to be not only good but optimised to make a real difference. It also needs to be provided regularly, so professionalism is another must-have.

    SEO companies are a good place to start with questions about news provision. Site owners should investigate news provision services when enquiring about SEO.

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