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    Many businesses struggle with providing enough content for their websites to help their search engine optimisation plan. There’s an easy answer for anyone finding it hard to get fresh words on their pages: news feeds.

    A news feed for websites is a great way to provide SEO content because it is a constantly refreshing resource. Unlike the web copy that sits on regular pages on the site, a news feed is updated continually. This proves a great drawcard for search engines and customers alike.

    A news feed for websites: the basics

    A news feed for a website is a type of web feed that is focused on fresh content. It’s becoming a popular move in internet marketing circles because it allows more publication with less fuss. There is also a certain amount of flexibility in the way these feeds can be used: business owners can either choose to use a news feed for their website using their own content, or source content from an aggregator or news content provider.

    For any business owner interested in building their site’s audience, the format of a news feed has a lot of potential. Because of its format, site owners can choose to allow users to subscribe to the feed, sending them updates whenever a new item is published. This can prove a great way for businesses to stay in touch with their target markets.

    What news feeds can do for businesses

    The benefits of using a news feed for a website are broad. Any site owner that wants to keep in closer touch with their site users can make use of these feeds to keep in daily contact, without users having to visit the site. Marketers who want to keep track of effectiveness of their efforts can use subscription rates as a measure. For business owners who are struggling to keep in touch with Google, though, the main benefit is SEO-based.

    How does a news feed contribute to SEO?

    There are at least two ways a news feed can help a site’s search engine optimisation. The first, and most obvious, is in terms of fresh content. News feeds can prove excellent sources for the fresh content needed to catch Google’s eye. The benefits go beyond that, though. News feeds can be a way to distribute content around the net, helping to make connections.

    Some site owners are intimidated by news feeds, but they shouldn’t be. Talk to an expert to uncover the benefits.

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