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Google is changing the way it ranks websites, with many of the founding fundamentals of SEO being surpassed by social media, user engagement and interaction. Are you ahead of the game?Unique, relevant content can significantly boost your website visibility. It can develop brand awareness and most importantly engage your visitors fully with your brand, products and services. As Google’s emphasis shifts from rankings to user interaction and social engagement, we have developed our Pressroom product, a content delivery system which will build your online presence as a leading authority within your industry.
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Attract. Engage. Convert.

Attract with Pressroom

Customers have become advertising-savvy and in many markets prefer to build a relationship with a brand through relevant content such as articles, news and video. Positive engagement of users is achievable when tailored, unique content is regularly published on a website.

A pick and mix approach can be taken to selecting the most appropriate forms of website content for your market with a choice of industry-led news articles, blog posts and features offered. This gives you the perfect medium to develop your online profile as the first port of call for information in your market.

Engage with Pressroom

Visitor engagement is rapidly becoming a strong focus for search engines. Google loves websites that offer a range of unique and compelling content that encourage visitor interaction and enhance the overall visitor experience. Using Engage Web’s Pressroom you not only improve your chances of returning strong search results but also encourage targeted traffic and repeat visits.

Social media can be used to spread the word and reach out to a wider audience. If you wish, we can actively engage with your followers and respond to their questions, or we can simply monitor your social media activity and act as your ‘ear to the ground’.

Convert with Pressroom

Ultimately Pressroom is about converting your visitors into customers and brand advocates.

Engage Web develops your content strategy with your business goals at its core.

We keep a close eye on ROI and make sure your activity is moving in the right direction.

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