Preserved juice: healthy for your site?

Preserved juice: healthy for your site?

Ever looked at the ingredients of a carton of preserved juice? If you regularly drink from the cheap juice aisle in the Chester Sainsburys, I’ll give you a tip: don’t look. The list of chemicals in preserved juice is enough to make you switch to water permanently. The lengths to which we go to preserve fruit juice are startling. The lengths to which we go to preserve link juice should be equally impressive.

Link juice, like its fruity counterpart, degrades over time. It’s inevitable that sites get shut down, pages get moved, and important links fall by the wayside. This undermines a essential part of your search engine optimisation plan.

Preserving this link juice is a must. This preservation requires just as much effort as the creation of all those numbered preservatives.

*Keep an eye out for the best brand. Some types of juice keep better than others, both in links and in fruit. When planning out your link building strategy, it’s vital to include a couple of links that are likely to provide long-term benefits.

*Add a little something. Juice doesn’t preserve itself. You have to work on it. Maintain your link juice by keeping in touch with your valuable link suppliers. Continuing to build on the relationship may net you more links.

And finally –

*Get some more juice. The best way to keep the juice in your fridge fresh is to buy it fresh. The same goes for links. The constant pursuit of links should be included in your regular SEO jobs.

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