Prescott to deliver Shipping Forecast for Comic Relief

Prescott to deliver Shipping Forecast for Comic Relief

John Prescott is to deliver the Shipping Forecast at 00:48 GMT on 19th March to raise money for Red Nose day. Although Prescott may seem an unlikely candidate to read the forecast due to his frequent faux pas involving the English language, Radio 4 is extremely happy to collaborate with Mr Prescott to raise money for a good cause.

Alice Arnold, continuity officer at Radio 4, spotted a tweet from John regarding an interview that he was doing for The World Tonight show. Prescott jokily said that he might as well stay and deliver the Shipping Forecast. Alice tweeted back to John, informing him that he was welcome to do the forecast, allowing her to go home early. The forecast has to be read according to a strict formula, pronouncing words carefully so that it is easily understood in rough seas. Although John used to spend time in his bunk listening to the forecast on the radio, it remains to be seen whether the forecast will be delivered intact.

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