Postal service move highlights internet importance

Postal service move highlights internet importance

At the end of last month, it was announced that New Zealand’s postal service was to be scaled back to a three-day-a-week operation in most areas, due to email being so dominant.

It will no doubt act as a stark reminder for the Post Office, which recently went public. However, it is also indicative of the way in which the internet continues to affect all other areas of life, often rendering things which have been around for years irrelevant. Record shops and many high street retailers would testify to such ideas of course, with digital options being made available for everything from banking to greetings cards.

One area that continues to evolve thanks to the internet is the way in which celebrities are regarded. Once held up as paragons of society, many have really let themselves down online.

Celebrities, as with most who are subscribed to the social networking age, are eager to tell us what they think. While these thoughts can be controversial, they sometimes venture into the nonsensical, with grammatical errors becoming increasingly common.

Maybe it shouldn’t be seen as a surprise, however. As the New Zealand postal service knows too well, the internet has quite the power when it comes to making things redundant. While email may be seen as a good thing, however, poorly written content is definitely not.

Writing online is all too easy and quick, which makes professional web writers so important. This is certainly the case for companies which want to ensure the content on their newsfeeds is of the highest quality.

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