Poor spelling and grammar leads to discovery of fake wine bottles

Posted on April 21, 2011


A warning has been issued by Surrey County Council Trading Standards after bottles of fake wine were discovered recently. The bottles of fake wine, supposedly Jacob’s Creek, were uncovered when incorrect spellings were found on the labels. The word ‘Australia’ was spelt as ‘Austrlia,’ and the name of the website for Drink Aware Campaign was spelt incorrectly.

The bottles were all thought to be found in the last month, but Trading Standards warn wine lovers to look out for any counterfeit wine. Poor spelling on the labels should be a warning that all is not right. The fake wine was discovered in an off licence in North Surrey, sold at £2 per bottle, when Jacob’s Creek usually retails at a far higher price. The wine is not though to cause harm, but tastes awful, although guarantees on safety can’t be given with any smuggled or counterfeit goods.

A spokesman for the county council said:

“The abysmal spelling gives new meaning to the phrase ‘thick as thieves’.”

Poor spelling and grammar creates a sense of mistrust, leading to a lack of sales. The website of a company is the public image, which should be one of trust and reliability. Excellent spelling and grammar makes the copy easy to read and understand, while creating trust and respect. Content outsourcing to a professional copywriting agency will leave you free to concentrate on other areas of your business, knowing that the copy representing your company has been created by a professional writer with English as their first language.

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