Policy expert joins Google’s autonomous driving programme

    Posted on November 30, 2012


    Google has been working hard to introduce vehicles which are self driving, with a variety of technicians, lobbyists and engineers all collaborating on the autonomous driving programme. However, until recently Google didn’t have an expert on government policy working on safety issues. From the 7th January 2013, Ron Medford will join Google’s programme.

    Medford previously held the position of deputy director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, working there since 2009. Prior to this he held a position at the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Now Medford will be the Director of safety for Self Driving Cars at Google. Medford has a proven history, previously playing a huge role in raising awareness of distracted driving which has become recognised as a national safety matter.

    The NHTSA had just commenced working on a project which will create and regulate standards for the self driving vehicles. The project will take place over the next two to three years, according to David Strickland, the NHTSA administrator. A spokesman for NHTSA spoke to Wired.com, saying:

    “Deputy Administrator Medford brings a long history of working on safety issues involving automobiles and other consumer products and will use that experience at Google.”

    Google has worked towards self driving legislation in a trio of states in the US, while testing of the vehicles has logged more than 482,800 kilometres during a three year period of trialling the vehicles. Google plays an integral role in search engine optimisation and any advancement made by the company has the power to affect the SEO campaign of businesses world wide.

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