Police issue warning of Valentine’s Day scam

Police issue warning of Valentine’s Day scam

Police in Surrey have issued a warning to users of online dating to be aware of a scam in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Police warn that a number of online daters in Surrey have fallen prey to the fraudsters who are posing as soldiers from the United States who are stationed in Afghanistan. The bogus soldiers use identities of genuine soldiers to persuade innocent people to part with large sums of money.

A common scenario is to build up a relationship with the intended victim, before asking for money. Initially, the request for money will be a small request such as topping up a mobile phone for the bogus soldier, but later leads to requests for larger sums. One woman was persuaded to send £150,000 so that the soldier could buy his way out of the army and settle with her in the United Kingdom. Detective Inspector, Richard Hamlin, has issued a warning to anyone who is dating online, especially in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, to look out for grammatical and spelling errors or language problems which may indicate someone who doesn’t have English as their native language.

Just as poor grammar and spelling can be a sign of fraudulent activity, visitors to a website with the same inaccuracies will be wary of spending time on the site, probably believing that the site is a scam. Content outsourcing ensures that your website presents a professional image, building trust with visitors and increasing your search engine ranking. A professional writer from a reputable company will have English as their main language, providing fresh, original content.

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