Police fight crime with Facebook page

Posted on July 6, 2011


The Hertfordshire Constabulary force is fighting crime with its own Facebook page. The move by Hertfordshire police into social media has proved popular, with 5000 people who ‘like’ the site.

The Facebook page was launched in January 2011, with 747 ‘friends’. In May 2011, the account received 300,046 views of posts made by the police. The constabulary are using the social media site to involve local residents using real time information, both to fight crime and assist with tracing missing persons. Chris Miller, assistant Chief Constable said:

“Facebook and other social media have given us the perfect opportunity to keep Hertfordshire residents up-to-date on police activity, to ask for their help in solving crimes and tracing vulnerable missing people in real-time but it also has opened up a new way for people to ask questions of us, share their thoughts and get in touch at a time and through a method that suits them best.”

The social media site has also played a large role in tracing criminals who fail to turn up in court, as members of the public report their whereabouts to police after identifying them on a Facebook photo gallery. The police helicopter has also received extra attention, as the site allows the constabulary to keep residents updated on the location of the chopper and why it is there. Hertfordshire Constabulary also make regular Tweets on their Twitter page.

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