Play Monopoly with Google Maps

Play Monopoly with Google Maps

If you’ve ever thought that Monopoly was a little limited due to the select few streets you can buy in London (unless of course you bought any of the special editions such as the Star Wars Monopoly) then news of the new online game might interest you. The game is called Monopoly City Streets and is played using Google Maps, which means you can buy up any street in the world, literally.

Just enter the name of a street, together with the city, and you can select from a choice of streets that you can buy with your M3,000,000 (that’s Monopoly currency). Here we’ve looked at Didsbury in Manchester, a popular spot with footballers and students alike.

The game went line on September 9th and is set to run for the next four months, ending at the end of January 2010. According to Hasbro, who own Monopoly, the online game will be the biggest game of Monopoly ever played.

You can buy streets, build houses and hotels and charge your friends when they land on your street.

You can even engage in dirty tactics with the chance cards by building prisons and rubbish dumps on your street to devalue your neighbour’s property.

So have a look at the game online and why not buy your street, before your next door neighbour does!

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