Planning ahead with content

Planning ahead with content

One of the main problems with content is the fact that it has to be added daily.  Or rather new content has to be displayed on the site daily – it doesn’t always have to be written the same day it is posted.

It is important to plan ahead – when you are on holiday, Google isn’t on Holiday.  Google doesn’t take bank holidays off.  Google will check your site on Christmas day and New Years day.

In the days before your 2 week holiday to some sunny country, you write 14 articles and then set it up so that they are added at various times throughout the two weeks.  Or you could write them while on holiday, and make sure that you have an Internet connection to post the news.  Neither of these options floating your boat?  Then let us provide you with content and make your life easier – you will get it daily, whether it is a bank holiday or you are on holiday.

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