Plan for the unexpected

Plan for the unexpected

Your website has gradually built up traffic over a number of months and it is partly, if not mainly, due to the excellent content writing abilities of Great Aunt Lucy, who was delighted to sharpen up skills which she had not used for decades. Or, perhaps you write all your own content and have found it enjoyable, although difficult to fit in with all the other web-related tasks which need doing, not to mention running your business. Maybe you have a team of staff and one of them, Errol, has fortunately turned out to be an excellent author and content writer. This is all splendid, until the unexpected happens.

One day, you are so busy with the business that writing the content slides, and continues to slide over the next few months. Or, Errol has appendicitis and will not be up to doing his job for some time, leaving your blog without any posts. Alternatively, Great Aunt Lucy takes off round the world without any warning or unfortunately falls ill. There may be a backup plan, of course, but it could take time to implement, which could adversely affect the SEO of your website.

One answer to all this is to ensure a plentiful supply of quality content by using an agency offering SEO copywriting services. They will have a number of staff to meet your needs and will provide a continuous service of a high enough standard that even Great Aunt Lucy would be impressed. With their SEO knowledge, they will also know the best way to optimise for your keywords.

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