Photo app looks to break into the stock photography market

Photo app looks to break into the stock photography market

Photosharing app EyeEm, recently labelled by Forbes as “Instagram’s Chic Cousin”, is drawing in millions of new users every month. Last week, it announced securing new funds and revealed that it plans to become the top name for crowd-sourced photographs on mobile platforms.

The company is reportedly working on developing a search engine specifically for images, as well as a marketplace for its users to sell their content.

EyeEm’s co-founder and CEO, Florian Meissner, said:

“If you upload photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram they will never be found again; they lack data.

“In order to find photos you need smart ways to categorise the images.”

If an EyeEm user takes a photograph, algorithms in the app categorise the image using its keywords. This, along with metadata of time and location, negates the use of hashtags and intends to streamline the process for the user.

In an app store now crowded with software catering for smartphone photographers everywhere, EyeEm aims to differentiate itself by focussing less on social aspects – as with Facebook-owned Instagram – and more on bringing together photography enthusiasts with shared interests.

EyeEm also offers its users tailored content via a news feed. Called the ‘Discover Feed’, the list compiles offerings based on what a user has previously liked. It also places a priority on albums associated with the user’s own location.

With its eight million users, EyeEm is currently small in comparison to other mobile networks. Instagram, for example, boasts around 130 million.

Richard is a Web Content Editor at Engage Web. He has had work published in a number of independent magazines and spends much of his spare time writing short stories.

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