Phones to go from dead to 100% in less than 30 seconds

Phones to go from dead to 100% in less than 30 seconds

A new battery pack that has the capability to fully charge smartphones in less than 30 seconds was introduced at Microsoft’s Think Next conference, hosted in Israeli city Tel Aviv.

The product was created by Israel-based company StoreDot and in a demonstration, the firm’s representatives successfully brought Samsung’s S4 smartphone from being completely dead and unusable to having a fully charged battery in little over 26 seconds.

The device, a similar shape to a cigarette packet, is still in the prototype phase and the firm’s founder, Dr Dorn Myersdorf, suggested to news providers that it could take a further three years for StoreDot to develop it into a product that is commercially viable, as they wish to integrate it with the smartphone.

The battery is made up with biological structures and utilises microscopic nano-crystals primarily identified 10 years ago as part of research conducted by a university in Tel Aviv into Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Myersdorf acknowledges that the technology involved has a vast range of different uses. He explained:

“Batteries are just one of the industries we can disrupt with this new material. It is new physics, new chemistry, a new approach to devices.”

Myersdorf and his team have also used this technology in memory chips, and findings suggest that they could function three times faster than the traditional flash memory and act as an alternative to the toxic cadmium currently used in phone screens.

However, these batteries would be approximately 40% more expensive to manufacture in comparison to traditional ones, meaning that the final device could be twice as expensive as those currently available.

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