People like content even though they don’t know what it is

People like content even though they don’t know what it is

Speaking with a client earlier this week, it was clear that whilst they believed in my own particular brand of SEO (after all, they have been very successful because of it), that they didn’t really know what ‘content’ as I put it was.

I asked them a few questions about what they did on the web, what sites they visited and what they used to do on the web when they first started out.

The answers were something like this:

“Search for news about motorbikes and visit the BBC News website a lot as well as a few motorbike forums and news sites.  When I first started out, I used eBay quite a bit to buy motorbikes and parts.”

As you can guess, the client sells motorbikes for a living.  He also spends his time on the web looking at sites that offer information about his favourite subject.  Do you think that he would visit those sites so regularly if they didn’t update the content frequently?

I explained this to him – that the reason he went to those sites was because they provided him with content, just like his own site should provide to his own users.  He still thinks that he isn’t a ‘techy’, but he now understands what it is that his web visitors (and potential web visitors) are in need of.

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