Parcel delivery firm beat competition with data quality

Parcel delivery firm beat competition with data quality

Parcel Web Express, online courier service are hoping to beat their competitors by improving their address entry system, becoming increasingly efficient in an extremely strong market sector. Data quality has been improved by the integration of an international address search system into its website. This enables a customer to enter a postcode which will produce the full address, which can be verified as correct by the customer. Previously, couriers were writing the address on carbon copy paper which resulted in spelling errors and illegible writing, resulting in delivery to the wrong address.

The business, which was formed in December 2010, wanted to establish themselves as a reliable company who could provide a first class service to customers. To do this would start with accurate and timely deliveries. They also realised that customers wanted a website which was easy to navigate and a system which was easy to use. The operations manager, Paul Foster said:

“Offering quality customer service therefore had to include quick and easy address look up and data entry to help avoid the common problems of carbon copy courier methods, also making the customers’ experience in using our website an efficient, quick and memorable one.”

The same principle applies to all businesses who are wishing to increase their customer database. Spelling errors and incorrect use of grammar will discourage website visitors, giving them the impression that you are unprofessional. Errors can also lead to inaccurate information which may cause a customer to feel as though they have been intentionally misled. Outsource content to a reputable article writing service that will provide accuracy and originality in a timely manner.

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