Padlocks are key to SEO strategy

Padlocks are key to SEO strategy

Google has announced that in the future, secure websites will have a ranking increase.

As companies come under increasing pressure to protect user data, the search firm is hoping that its latest move will appease authorities and users.

Google stated that it will give a “light-weight” ranking signal to sites that are locked down with data encryption tools to make them more secure.

It is another aspect of online presence that search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting services need to be aware of and could result in responsibly run firms performing better. However, according to Google’s Webmaster Blog, it is likely to only effect one percent, if not less than that, of the current pages online.

As firms cannot neglect basic SEO principles, it is therefore worth taking the time to introduce https encryption. Google is offering advice to unsecured sites to get safe before the rollout, which is understood to be at a testing stage presently.

As people become more and more adept at using the Internet, it is likely that they will make a choice on whether to complete a transaction depending on whether the padlock symbol is in the browser bar. Many already make this choice, with few UK credit card transactions likely to be processed on unsecured sites.

That Google has taken this move is widely seen as a sensible step, as users want their experience online to be as safe and secure as possible. It is therefore going to be a notable factor in setting SEO strategies, alongside of ensuring that only quality content is published.

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