Over one billion Android users predicted by Google executive

Posted on April 24, 2013


There will be over one billion smartphones used within the next nine months, all featuring Google Android, according to a forecast by the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt. Following news of the new Facebook Home app, Schmidt said that he was “phenomenally happy” with the introduction of the app and that access to it would not be blocked by Google.

The Android operating system can be customised by companies to their individual requirements as it is open source software. According to Schmidt, removal of the Facebook Home app would contradict the “public statements, our policies, our religion” of Google. However, the services of Google are pushed into the background as the new Facebook app focuses on its own news feed and messages. Since Android was introduced five years ago, it has become the most popular software for mobile phones, with over 750 million mobile devices using the software worldwide. The Web is increasingly accessed from mobile phones rather than a desktop or laptop. In addition to predicting the increase of Android devices to more than a billion in the next nine months, Schmidt also said that he thinks the number will be closer to two billion within the next two years.

Schmidt also spoke of the investigation into the business practices of Google, saying that Android was not being looked at. He further added that the investigation may be concluded within one year. Proposals have been submitted by Google to European regulators and according to sources may include clearer labelling of its own products and services.

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