Option to schedule posts on Facebook has disappeared

Option to schedule posts on Facebook has disappeared

Last week saw Facebook Page owners across the world collapse into a panic as they realised the option to schedule posts in advance had gone from their Facebook Pages. Facebook removed this feature without so much as a warning, leaving social media managers in turmoil over how to schedule content for their clients for the week ahead.

What used to happen was that when you published content to your Facebook Page, you had the option to ‘save it as draft’, ‘publish it now’ or ‘schedule it’ for a future point in time. This was really useful for setting up your content for the week, or publishing specific content on specific days (such as for Halloween).

However the option has now gone.

At Engage Web, we immediately found a workaround for this. By adding your content as a post and then ‘saving as draft’ you were able to edit your draft afterwards and schedule it for the future that way. It was additional steps, it took longer and it seems wholly pointless – but it worked. We did suspect Facebook had removed this scheduling feature in error and that, in time, they would replace it after spotting their mistake.

That has not happened. In fact, Facebook has now seemingly confirmed it has gone. However, don’t fret, it’s still available in other ways – albeit very convoluted and unhelpful ways.

Here are three different ways you can still schedule posts on your Facebook Page.

Business Manager

By using Facebook’s Business Manager (simply use the URL business.facebook.com/ followed by your Page name), you can publish posts as normal and schedule them exactly how you would have before. It looks almost identical to the normal Facebook you would have used, but it’s all business-like. This doesn’t help you if you’re using the mobile app, of course.

Publishing Tools

When using Facebook on your Page, click on the Publishing Tools option at the top of the page. This will take you to a list of posts you have recently published. There is a ‘Create’ button in the top right. By clicking this you can access the exact same features you would have if you had published a post on your page as normal, except this time the ‘Schedule’ button is back!

Creator Studio

Creator Studio is another section of Business Manager, and can be found by visiting business.facebook.com/creatorstudio. There is a ‘Create Post’ button as usual, except this time it’s in the top left (just to be confusing). If you click this, you will then need to select the page you want to manage and write your post. The ‘Publish’ button at the bottom has the option to ‘Schedule’ as normal.

There you have it – three different ways to schedule posts on Facebook without using third-party software, and without saving and editing drafts. These should all work fine until the next time Facebook decides to remove a really useful feature that everyone uses.

Technical Director at Engage Web
Darren is Technical Director at Engage Web, as well as being a co-founder of the company. He takes a hands-on approach to SEO and web design, helped by more than 20 years’ experience in these fields.

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