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Posted on August 12, 2008


We have been speaking to a few companies recently that really are in markets that are desperately in need of content.  One of those markets is the ‘loft conversion’ industry after speaking with Loft Plan.

But how you define what kind of sites would do well from an influx of content?

Well, we use an in-house tool that shows us how many pages each site in the top 30 of Google results has.  This is just a starting point, but from this and viewing particular sites in the rankings and how they are built, we can determine how effective Stuck On content for a site can be.

Going back to the loft conversion industry, there is most definitely the availability for a company to build an unassailable lead by using industry news content.  Because of the lack of action from the majority of companies in this field, a company could make a very good case to become the Google authority on loft conversions.

Once a site becomes an authority, it can be dificult for other sites to catch up.  I wonder which company will become that authority in the loft conversion industry?

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