Numerology and SEO

Numerology and SEO

Got a lucky number? Your website certainly does. In fact, it has several.

The choice of numbers may not seem like a big deal, but it can make or break your SEO content. When it comes to catching the eye of the average browsing internet user, your decision to include six things instead of five on your list of ‘Favourite Wirral Walks’ could be a content killer.

The internet is dominated by ‘top ten,’ ‘seven deadly sins’ or even ‘top 100’ lists. There’s a reason these numbers are so popular, and it’s purely psychological. It has to do with the perceived reliability of the numbers. You’ve probably noticed yourself that a list of five things seems more dynamic than a list of four. Similarly, a list of ten seems more reliable and complete than a list of nine.

Part of the reason behind popular numbers is cultural, and related to habits of thinking. The good news is, by tapping into these habits you can draw attention to your content, improving your chances of ranking and making one of the important SEO jobs just a little easier. By using the popular numbers three, five, seven, twelve or ten’s multiples, you can attract readers. Numerals in titles also seem have more impact.

There have been a few studies on the subject, and there will no doubt be quite a few more before we uncover the deep reasons for this trend. For now, studying the most popular numbers on social media sites is simply a good way to tap into popular numbers.

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