New WordPress plugin allows instant updates to Bing’s search index

New WordPress plugin allows instant updates to Bing’s search index

This week, Bing has announced the release of an all-new plugin for WordPress, which allows new content from a WordPress website or blog to be updated immediately onto its search index.

Once the plugin is installed and an API key is obtained (available from the Bing Webmaster portal), any new pages published, or updates made to existing pages, are automatically detected and submitted to the search engine’s index.

Bing has said the new plugin will help to ensure the content provided in their index is ‘always fresh’.

The plugin also provides a multitude of additional benefits to its users. According to the plugin description on WordPress, there is the ability to view recent submissions of URLS from the plugin, manually submit URLS yourself to the index, and toggle the automatic submission,. To view the full list of features, and to download the plugin, visit the WordPress site.

The release of this plugin is great news for those that use WordPress for their website, as they can be confident that their site will always be up to date on a Bing search – without having to lift a finger.

At Engage Web, we prioritise Google’s search index rankings, largely due to the dominance of the search engine giant. However, as search engine optimisation (SEO) experts with vast experience in the industry, we monitor the activities of other search engines too. This new plugin provides yet another example of the working relationship between WordPress and search engines – a relationship we know all about.

If you are interested in utilising SEO for your website, or you are in need of a website for your business, contact our team at Engage Web today and discover how we can help you to fulfil your online potential.

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