New Siri-based device launched by Apple for the auto industry

New Siri-based device launched by Apple for the auto industry

Apple has launched a new device this week that aims to help motorists make safe calls while driving.

The CarPlay device is to feature Siri voice recognition that can be activated at the push of a conveniently located button. Once active, the driver can then make the calls they want in a safe and legal way, as well as being able to check Apple Maps, access hands-free messages on their news feeds and play music through the cars speakers.

Apple announced the new device yesterday at the Geneva International Motor Show. CarPlay will be available as a feature for cars later this week, with Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Volvo already signed up. Other manufacturers, such as Ford, BMW and Jaguar are planning on making the option available in the future.

The driver’s iPhone is to be used as the brains for the Apple system, which is then connected to an inbuilt screen to take advantage of the car’s faculties. However, Google is taking an alternative approach, with its Android service to be built into the car itself. Google’s Maps application is already in use by several car makers, including Audi, Tesla and Toyota.

Apple’s vice president of iPhone and iOS Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak, said that the CarPlay feature had been designed from the “ground up” to give users an incredible in-car experience of using their iPhone with “minimised distraction”.

The chief executive of the car manufacturer GM also recently announced that from 2015, all of its models would contain 4G chips to allow for a constant internet connection without the need for a smartphone.

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