New seller badges and insights headed for Google Shopping

New seller badges and insights headed for Google Shopping

Google has announced several new tools that may interest ecommerce businesses – including a new rating system and extra insights into product trends.

The new rating system is called the ‘Shopping Experience Scorecard’. It will allow customers to gain further insights into the trustworthiness of a seller, which will be based on their transactions with previous customers. This will involve a new badge featuring a blue tick and ‘Trusted store’, which will be displayed next to their star rating on a free product listing. Google explained that businesses will receive this badge:

“…based on their performance across metrics relative to other merchants, including but not limited to shipping speeds, shipping and return costs, and return windows.”

In order to grant these badges, Google’s Shopping Experience Scorecard programme will rate businesses in the areas of return windows, return costs, shipping speed and shipping costs, with ratings being “opportunity”, “comparable” or “excellent”.

According to the search giant, during its tests, those businesses that had a badge had better chances of getting clicks. The badges benefited lesser-known business too, helping to drive traffic to their online shops.

This new scorecard system is currently in the process of being introduced to ecommerce businesses in the US over the next few months, with the UK and other countries likely set to follow.

As well as this, businesses will see an updated display of metrics in the Google Merchant Centre relating to free product listings. Helping businesses to determine the performance of their listings, they will be able to see an updated display for conversion rates, impressions and total traffic, along with accessing a new insights tool for pricing, which will help them to determine whether products are competitively priced. The tool will also provide projections on the impact of any changes to pricing on their overall revenue.

These new tools should help businesses price their products more competitively and, hopefully, attract more customers through an increased image of trustworthiness. If you need assistance setting up shop online, we’d be happy to help here at Engage Web, so get in touch.

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