New podcast tool for Google Search released

New podcast tool for Google Search released

Google has recently announced the release of a new feature for podcasts – Google Podcast Manager.

This new tool appears to be similar to Google Search Console’s search performance report. It has been said to provide “insights to power your podcast”, and when describing the new managing tool, Google said:

“Podcasters can see impressions and clicks for Google Podcasts results that appear in Search, as well as top discovered episodes and search terms that led to their podcast.”

Alongside insight into clicks and impressions, podcasters will also be able to analyse each of their episodes to discover when listeners start and stop playing them. In addition, they will be able to develop an understanding of listeners’ podcasting habits, seeing how their audience uses different devices to tune in, including smartphones, computers and smart speakers.

The managing tool also enables podcasters to claim their podcast and make sure it is available across Google platforms, including the Google Podcasts app, Google Assistant and, of course, Google Search.

What’s the significance of this tool?

The way we consume media in today’s society is constantly changing. While podcasts have been around since around 2004, they have gained increasing popularity over the past decade, and now everyone from big-shot celebrities to Joe Bloggses down the street are creating them. As of October 2, there were a million active podcasters and over 30 million episodes available worldwide. Considering in 2018, figures stood at 550,000 active podcasts and 18.5 million episodes, this vast two-year increase provides an eye-opening insight into the growth of the podcasting platform. There is now even a themed day dedicated to them – International Podcast Day, which took place just a couple of weeks ago on September 30.

For businesses, podcasts provide yet another platform to engage with their audiences. They can be used to share industry knowledge, talk with experts in the field or about events and news within their industries, or perhaps to provide more personal content. Google Podcast Manager, therefore, can help businesses and individuals maximise the impact of their podcasts and tailor their content to their audience.

While we at Engage Web have not yet ventured into the foray of the podcasting world, we do know a thing or two about tailoring content to specific target audiences, and how to maximise your online presence to its full potential. If you want to learn more, get in touch with our team today.

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