New mobile search feature released on Google

New mobile search feature released on Google

A new section has been added to Google Search on mobile devices when searching for products or services with the phrase ‘near me’.

Google has launched a new feature called ‘People search next’, which adds more functionality to ‘near me’ searches.

What is ‘People search next?’

This is the next addition to mobile search results, which joins the already-popular sections ‘people also asked’, ‘people also search for’, ‘refine this search’ and ‘related searches’. The new section will give searchers related queries that other people have searched after searching for a product or service near them, and this is set to help searchers to find out more information.

For example, searching for ‘dentist near me’ can bring up questions in the next feature like “what is a root canal’ and ‘how long does the numbing last after the dentist?’

This is currently what the new section looks like within mobile search results:

Currently, this new feature is only available on mobile devices in the US; however, it will more than likely be released to other countries very soon, so keep a look out on mobile search results pages for this new feature.

The search engine has also confirmed that this feature will not be limited to ‘near me’ searches, and once Google’s systems get used to what searches might be helpful next, it will more than likely be released to other searches with mobile search results.

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